Zitate aus dem Internet – Oh Ppl Pls #011

“me: “Is that a nipple?!? oh wait, its a mannequin””

“I would have to make sure I pooped all the poop I could poop before getting into that contraption.”

“155 megabytes? mega? not kilo? Then this is not a demoscene, just a 3d cartoon.”

“Well, this made me blow enough air through my nose that I left a booger on the desk.”

“the whole universe works like this , some shit orbits some heavier shit and everything orbits your mom”

“So much zoom, and stabilization, frames per second and helicopter speed! It’s a damn shame that rider is probably going to crash and die.”

“Foxes; dog hardware running cat software.”

“I’m just happy to sit on my lazy ass all day and make all of my money drawing porn.”

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