Zitate aus dem Internet – Oh Ppl Pls #007

“You’re the noise in the signal-to-noise ratio on Reddit.”

“Your friend could get a sunburn from the moon.”

“That moment when you ask “What fucking idiot wrote this?” and it turns out it was you, 6 months ago.”

“Never use i for the innermost loop variable. Use anything but. Use i liberally for any other purpose especially for non-int variables. Similarly use n as a loop index.”

“Make sure that every method does a little bit more (or less) than its name suggests. As a simple example, a method named isValid(x) should as a side effect convert x to binary and store the result in a database.”

“I would never treat a clitoris like I treat my penis. I beat my dick like it owes me money”

“I told him I can’t open the jar, he said, download and install Java”

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