Zitate aus dem Internet – Oh Ppl Pls #006

“As a wife, I am jealous you got to pull that out. My heart raced as I looked at the photo. Pulling an ingrown like this is my life long dream as a wife… It would be my greatest accomplishment.”

“Prüfungen bringen nichts für den Lernprozess, sondern leiten den Lernenden nur an, sich isoliertes Inselwissen für eine Prüfung anzueignen.”

“When I was about 11, I got three headshots in a row with a Five-seven, on de_rats, and was immediately accused of hacking and kicked.”

“Yes, sometimes in casinos a lone dealer will see you from afar and shout out, “l0l fite me fegit 1v1 i rek u ez m8!” Never accept.”

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